Hello, I’m Travis Tasset.

Executive/Leadership Coach and Organizational Development Consultant.

My main passion and purpose in life is to work with individuals through one-on-one coaching to help them achieve greater success in business and life. Few things are more fulfilling than helping someone live a successful and meaningful life.

I enjoy working with leaders to intentionally design their results instead of simply being okay with the results they are getting. My focus in working with individuals is two-fold. First, I help leaders become aware of and then eliminate the unconscious habits or patterns of behavior that are no longer serving them. Second, I help leaders become aware of their natural talents so they can be developed into strengths. To summarize, I help leaders improve their leadership skills with my curious and non-judgmental approach that is equally as caring as it is honest and direct.

Professionally, I’ve spent nearly two decades working with companies to increase their capacity to change, develop their leaders, develop their cultures, and achieve greater organizational performance. I currently serve as the SVP for Nueterra Capital, which invests primarily in healthcare startups. This has allowed me to work with leaders and companies from the ground up as their businesses grow and evolve.

Personally, I’m most proud of my wife and our son. I’m a family man at heart and enjoy spending my free time with them having new experiences and traveling together as much as possible.

I’ve worked with people at

“Travis has a unique way of discovering which team member is best suited for particular teams. We found his expertise incredibly helpful in navigating new hires. His resources helped us better understand who we needed and why.”

— Sarah Hill, CEO and Chief Storyteller, Healium

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